Brexit Information

Brexit Information

Since the United Kingdom left the European Union, we still send products to Europe. However, you won't be charged VAT, but there may be other charges when your order arrives, and it's possible that your parcel may be delayed due to customs. 

We recommend ordering a minimum of €100 if you are ordering from the EU. 

Please Note: All rates are subject to change, so where possible please reach out to your selected courier and customs office for exact pricing information.

What's changed?

Following the agreed trade deal between the United Kingdom and the European Union, change for anyone placing an order on our website in the countries affected.

You will now be responsible for the following charges:

  • VAT
    • All products visible on our website are displayed including VAT (20%). Once you select your shipping country on the basket or checkout page, products will be displayed excluding tax if you are located in one of the affected countries. 
    • Previously, you would have been charged VAT by ZEROVAPE whenever you purchased something on our website. This will now be payable once the goods arrive in your destination country.
  • Courier Disbursement Fees
    • Depending on which courier you choose, you will be charged a disbursement fee. This will be a flat percentage of the value of your order, with an imposed minimum. To see a guide of what this fee is likely to be, see below.
  • Customs Duty
    • For products that have been manufactured outside of the UK, you will be liable to pay customs duty once the products arrive in your destination country. 
  • Shipping Time
    • Customs may delay the delivery of your parcel. Please note if customs does hold your parcel for longer than expected, we can't do anything until customs has held it for 30 days.
    • Upon arrival, your selected courier will be supplied with a commercial invoice that will contain extensive information about your orders contents. This can also be supplied directly to you upon request.

Countries Affected

Austria Belgium Bulgaria
Switzerland Cyprus Czech Republic
Germany Finland France
Denmark Estonia Spain
Croatia Hungary Ireland
Lithuania Luxembourg Latvia
Malta Netherlands Romania
Norway Poland Portugal
Sweden Slovenia Slovakia


Courier Disbursement Fees

Country Fee Minimum
Austria 3.00% €13.00
Belgium 2.75% €14.75
Bulgaria 2.00% €12.50
Switzerland 2.50% 21.50 CHF
Cyprus 2.50% €16.00
Czech Republic 2.50% 330.00 CZK
Germany 2.50% €12.50
Denmark 2.50% 145.00 DKK
Estonia 2.00% €16.95
Spain 4.00% €15.00
Finland 3.00% €13.00
France 2.55% €15.00
Croatia 2.00% €12.50
Hungary 2.50% 4500.00 HUF
Ireland 2.50% €15.00
Italy 2.50% €15.00
Lithuania 2.00% €12.00
Luxembourg 2.50% €15.50
Latvia 3.00% €17.07
Malta 2.00% €16.00
Netherlands 2.50% €13.00
Norway 3.50% 165.00 NOK
Poland 2.50% 68.00 PLN
Portugal 4.00% €16.00
Romania 2.50% N/A
Sweden 3.20% 126.00 SEK
Slovenia 2.50% €17.00
Slovakia 2.00% €15.00