Which e liquid suits me

Which e liquid suits me

The four characteristics of an e-liquid
 E-liquids are characterized by the following three things:

The taste
The nicotine content in milligrams
The relationship between PG and VG


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Nicotine content

Each e-liquid is available in different nicotine levels. It is important to choose the right nicotine strength to make the switch to electric smoking as easy as possible. Each brand comes in different nicotine strengths varying between 0mg and 18mg.

 If you smoke light cigarettes, between 3mg and 12mg is a good choice.
If you smoke regular cigarettes, you would prefer a nicotine strength between 12mg and 18mg.
If you smoke heavy shag, then 18mg is probably best for you.
The nicotine strength that best suits you also depends on the electric cigarette you choose. If you choose a heavier device then you probably have enough satisfaction with something less nicotine. If you opt for a simple e-cigarette, you are probably going for a slightly higher nicotine content. To make sure that your transfer is going well, it is best to stop by for a taste. Every person is unique and everyone experiences the different nicotine levels just a little bit differently.

Stopping smoking is not easy. Reducing with the e-cigarette, on the other hand, that's a lot easier. By reducing the nicotine level slowly you can also reduce your addiction.


PG and VG

The properties of an e-liquid are determined by the PG / VG ratio.

PG stands for propylene glycol
VG stands for Vegetable glycerin
These terms may sound a bit unknown and scary, but they are harmless.

PG also occurs in medicines and food, including soft drinks. PG ensures the shelf life and better taste absorption. Another characteristic of PG is that it creates the so-called 'throat hit'. That is the feeling in the throat that you also experience with a normal cigarette. Especially when you are used to real cigarettes then an e-liquid with at least 50% PG is definitely recommended. The higher the PG value, the sharper the feeling becomes in the throat and the less thick the vapor clouds are. PG itself is a thin liquid.

VG is a vegetable variety and is also called vegetable oil. VG's characteristics are, in particular, that it produces smoke or vapor. Certainly as a smoker you want to have something to blow out. VG just feels a little softer in the throat again. The higher the VG value, the softer the feeling in the throat and the thicker the smoke clouds. VG is in itself a rather viscous liquid.

A good relationship between PG and VG is therefore important.


 Buy e-cigarette
If you still have to buy an e-cigarette, it is important that it also works well with your e-liquid. The higher the VG value, the thicker the liquid. Some entry-level models can not handle a VG percentage of 70% or higher. Do you want advice? Please contact us .

Do you want to know which e-cigarette suits you best?


Many advantages
 Electric smoking has many advantages, from better health to saving a lot of money. There are, for example, a number of advantages that you probably did not know about. Do you want to know more about it? Then read more about the benefits of an e-cigarette.