Vape Rewards Program

Join our rewards program and automatically receive 200 rewards points! That's a £2 credit to your purchase of £30 or more. 


How to Join the Rewards Program

You can Join our Rewards Program by simply creating an account. Purchasing any of our product will automatically add points on your account. 

Earning points

Earning points is simple. For every £1 you spend at ZEROVAPES, you will earn 5 rewards point. You'll automatically earn 200 rewards points just for joining our rewards program!

Redeeming Rewards Points

For every £1 spend, you will receive 5 rewards point. For example: If you purchase £100 worth of products on our site, in return you will get 500 rewards points which can be used for £5 off your next purchase. You must earn a minimum of 100 rewards points in order to redeem your £1 discount. Once you earn your 100 rewards points, click the "Rewards" button on the bottom-right of your screen and a "Redeem" button will appear next to where it says £1 Discount / 100 Points. 

As below tutorial





Tracking your Rewards Points

In order to receive and redeem points, you must first sign up for our rewards program. Every time you make a purchase from our website, you will receive an email telling you the amount of rewards points you have earned. You will also receive an email every time you redeem rewards points. 

Your rewards points never expire and are good forever!

If you have any questions or concerned please contact us