What are Shortfill e-Liquids?

Shortfills are nicotine free vape e liquids that come in larger bottles and are filled to about 80%. This allows to vape nicotine free liquid, or to add liquid nicotine according to the user's preference, to reach the desired nicotine strength. They are a popular alternative to classic 10ml e liquids because they are a versatile option and can work out much cheaper than purchasing multiple 10ml bottles. Especially for those vapers using sub ohm tanks or rebuildable devices like RTA’s and RDA’s, which tend to drink up your e liquid pretty quickly.

Shortfill Sizes

The most common shortfill sizes are the following:
60ml (filled with 50ml e liquid)
120ml (filled with 100ml e liquid)
240ml (filled with 200ml e liquid)

Understanding Shortfill e-liquids

The term “shortfill e liquids” or “short fill” is something that beginner vapers may not be familiar with. We are talking about bottles filled to 80% of their capacity with nicotine-free liquid; this explains why they are called “shortfill”. The bottles are not filled to the brim, to give the users the opportunity of filling them with nicotine based on their preferences. The nicotine liquids that can be added to these shortfill bottles are usually sold separately and are called “nicotine shots”, “nic shots”, “nicotine boosters” or “nic boosters”, which are concentrated nicotine e liquid in bottles.


TPD Laws: Tobacco Products Directive

Another major reason why many people use shortfill liquids is so that they can bypass the Tobacco Products Directive laws. This is a set of rules passed into law in both European Union and United Kingdom. These laws make regulations on the limit of nicotine that a vape juice bottle can contain. They stipulates that a bottle of vape juice cannot be prefilled with more than 20 mg of nicotine per 10ml e liquid (check: UK TPD e liquids). This is problematic for heavy vapers who want to have more nicotine in their vape juices. Short fills thus serve as TPD e-liquids, providing the perfect opportunity for such people to bypass the law as all they have to do is buy nicotine shots and short fills and mix them based on the concentration they want. However, nicotine users must beware of taking it in high concentration for safety.

How to Mix shortfills e-liquid and Nic Shots

After adding nicotine shots to a shortfill, it is recommended that the user should shake the bottle well so that the liquids can mix properly before they start using it. While shortfills generally contain a high volume of flavour concentrate, nicotine shots are purely flavour free e liquid in 10 ml bottles. It is possible to vape the shots as they are, but it is far better to add them to the shortfills. An issue that most users face is determining the proportion of the nicotine shots that is necessary to achieve the right concentration and dilute the nicotine shots. For instance, mixing a 50ml shortfill with an 18mg nicotine shot will create a 60 ml e liquid. Nicotine shots are available in “normal” freebase nicotine and in nicotine salts. Next to that, they are available in any PG/VG range.

how to mix shortfill e liquid


Why do vapers use shortfills?

The use of shortfill liquids is becoming increasingly popular in recent times, and this is because they can fulfill multiple needs. Most people take shortfills because of the variety it offers. There are several reasons to choose to use shortfills:

- Flavour

Whether it is a grape, strawberry, cookie, tobacco or menthol flavour, there are over 1500 flavours available on the market, so there is no chance of getting bored tasting the same e juice over and over.

- Flexible nicotine

Nicotine shots and short fills are two different bottles, and since it is the user who mixes them, it is easy to regulate the nicotine intake. Pre-filled vape juices usually have a nicotine level of about 3mg to 20mg per 10ml e liquid. This can be problematic for ex-smokers who are trying to break free of their addiction.

Since addiction level differs, the level of nicotine tolerance to avoid relapse will also be different. The higher the nicotine content, the higher the chances of an ex-smoker returning to smoking. Regulation is almost impossible with prefilled bottles, because the nicotine content is fixed at 20 mg, 18 mg, 12 mg, 6 mg, and 3 mg. For vapers whose tolerance level is not within any of this category, they can easily regulate their nicotine intake with shortfills. With this, they completely avoid taking prefills and mix their vape juice to create the perfect concentration. Thus, it is a great way to DIY.

- Nicotine-less vape juice

Not everyone wants nicotine in their vape juices. For those who don't; the best option is to get shortfills. Some people buy prefills exactly for this reason, but nicotine-free shortfills represent an even better option. While e-cigarettes were designed for the same purpose of helping smokers who want to quit smoking, vape juices have become common with non-smokers who just enjoy the sensation and taste of this juice. In the process of taking it, they ignore the nicotine it contains, and this is a great risk as it could lead to addiction. The safest and best options for vapers who want to avoid the risk of addiction, or want to get rid of it, is to use short fills, which are naturally nicotine free. For them, there would be no need to add any nicotine shot.

- Getting rid of nicotine addiction

Some vapers, willing to get rid of their nicotine addiction, choose shortfills to gradually decrease their nicotine intake and get to the point of vaping nicotine free e juices. This way they are able to maintain gestures and other “rituals” of smoking but, at the same time, to get rid of their nicotine addiction.


Shortfills are a good way for vapers to regulate the level of their nicotine and enjoy different varieties of flavours, also representing a cheaper option compared to classic 10mg bottles of e liquid. More imortantly, vapers who do not wish to take nicotine, or gradually want to get rid of it, they can finally enjoy the flavour of vape juices while maintaining full control of the nicotine intake, or by vaping nicotine-free vape.

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