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20MG Element Designer 10ML Flavoured Nic Salts

20MG Element Designer 10ML Flavoured Nic Salts

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Flavoured Elements Designer Nic Salts

The next step in the evolution of premium nicotine. Element’s nicotine salt e-liquid achieves maximum nicotine delivery with minimal hit, yielding optimum fulfillment with a smooth, flavorful experience.

Achieving satisfaction with a superior nicotine has never been easier. This is a Nicotine Salt product. Formulated for smokers, dual users and those seeking faster absorption.

– 20mg Nicotinyl salicylate

– Made in USA

– 10ml


555 Tobacco: with it's wickedly smooth tobacco taste pairing notes of hazelnut, almond, vanilla, and caramel the nutty essence of 555 Tobacco creates a masterful tapestry of flavour across your tastebuds. This Ns20 designer nic salt e-liquid carry a seriously deep tobacco base, providing the rich yet incredibly smooth flavour that is beyond compare.

Crema: a unique and oh-so inviting e-liquid, it's delightful feel goes hand-in-hand with a VG concentration created especially for the thicker cloud production. Perfectly suitable for all mechanical mod and/or dripper use, this Ns20 designer nic salt vape juice offers pure flavour and quality for endless pleasure.

Fresh Squeeze: sweet yet subtle, this deliciously smooth juice intertwines tangy citrus notes for a high VG vape blend one can appreciate from our Dripper Series. Producing the densest clouds possible and perfectly suitable for use with mechanical mods and drippers, this Ns20 designer nic salt e-liquid offers high quality flavour for continuous vaping enjoyment.

Frost: delicately sweet with a chilling finish, this high VG vape juice created especially for our Dripper Series brings a refreshing experience from inhale to every exhale producing the thickest clouds possible. Ideal for use with mechanical mods and drippers, this Ns20 designer nic salt e-liquid offers high quality flavour for continuous max nicotine vapor enjoyment.

Key Lime Cookie: just like the traditional American pie with the added sweetness of cookie for a soft, silky buttery note and tropical dessert flavour that tastes instantly like summer. An Ns20 designer nic salt rendition of a world famous favourite, with its sweet, yet tart citrus experience is only a vape away.

Pink Grapefruit and Blueberry: a bold blending of pink grapefruit, and sweet blueberries layered in notes of cream. As smooth as it is tangy, it encompasses a swirl of sweetness derived from its subtle presence of cream. An Ns20 designer nic salt e-liquid of endless flavour, there's no denying the satisfaction that's synonymous with the pure pleasure that comes with vaping this max nicotine juice.

Pink Lemonade: a highly celebrated blend of zingy lemonade with just the right amount of red fruit. Pink Lemonade is a refreshing lemonade blended to perfection with delectable red fruit for a sweetness that's deliciously smooth. An Ns20 designer nic salt e-liquid experience well-known for it's deliciously intense taste, Pink Lemonade is sure to be a longstanding favourite of endless delight.

Strawberry Whip: luscious berries and cream create an irresistible vapor of immense taste while its lingering smooth flavour are the characteristic precursors for repetitious enjoyment and endless pleasure. Now apart of our Premium Dripper Series, this Ns20 designer nic salt vape juice draws a higher VG concentration to produce the purest, densest clouds possible!

Watermelon Chill: where refreshing watermelon meets the coolness of mint, Watermelon Chill is a unique combination to beat the heat. Sweet and ridiculously smooth, this Ns20 designer nic salt e-liquid is formulated to offer a max nicotine experience for incredible satisfaction and can be appreciated with all mechanical mod and/or dripper devices.

Honey Roasted Tobacco: well balanced, Honey Roasted Tobacco is a vaper's delight, combining rich tobacco draped over delicious notes of nutty caramel and velvety vanilla with a sweet yet sound hint of honey on the exhale. Incredibly luxurious, this full-bodied Ns20 designer nic salt e-liquid blend delivers a unique max nicotine vaping experience as unique as its intriguing flavour.

Candy Punch: truly intoxicating, Candy Punch is a vibrant e-juice sensation coupling sweet and colourful fruit that comes alive with every vape. Brimming with mind-blowing rainbow candy, this delectable Ns20 designer nic salt juice is the golden ticket to never grow out of your sweet tooth.

Grape Vape: a palate-pleasing union that brings together a perfect blending of bright and fragrant grapes for a delicious vapor experience certain to satisfy your sweet tooth. Neither light nor overpowering, this Ns20 designer nic salt vape juice has garnered quite a following for its truly remarkable max nicotine experience and flavour.

Neon Green Slushie: an incredible combination of intense neon green lime over endless slush ice yields a zestiness sweetened to perfection. A seriously tasty menthol juice with endless cloud-producing potential makes this Ns20 designer nic salt e-liquid the ideal taste bud tantalizer.

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