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20mg Frost Bar Disposable Vape Kit 575 Puffs

20mg Frost Bar Disposable Vape Kit 575 Puffs

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The Dr Frost Bar comes pre filled with 2ml nicotine salt-based e-liquid that looks as simple as it is to use.

Lasting up to 575 puffs and with a 500mAh in built battery, you can enjoy your vaping without the need of recharging, refilling or adding pods or coils on a daily basis.

Coming in multiple colours and their respective delightful flavours, the Dr Frost Bar disposable vape will satisfy those looking for efficient and easy vapes.

- Made In the UK
- E-liquid Capacity: 2ml
- Nicotine strength: 2% Nicotine
- Puffs: 575 puffs
- Battery: 500mAh
- Non-Refillable/Non-Rechargeable

Box Contains:
- 1 x Dr Frost Bar Disposable Vape

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