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Green Apron

Green Apron Large Wooden Rolling Box

Green Apron Large Wooden Rolling Box

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This wooden rolling box from Green Apron is the perfect coffee table companion for the smoking enthusiast who wants to keep their rolling station neat and tidy. It’s all-wood design lends it a high-quality and classic appearance that will compliment its surroundings wonderfully.

The box is equipped with three separate compartments that are the ideal size for skins, rolling papers and and other rolling supplies. You can also store your loose leaf tobacco or dried herbal smoking blends secure in the knowledge that it will be kept fresh and tasty. The box also has a removable’ V’ shaped piece of wood that is purpose made for holding your rolling paper securely while you build.

It’s striking and classic all wood design gives this storage container a classic and timeless aesthetic. No matter where you keep it; on a shelf, on your coffee table, or even your bedside locker, it’s handsome wood design will fit in beautifully.

- Size 170 x 150 x 55mm

- V Block rolling area

- Paper Holder + 3 other storage areas
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