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LiTTY 510 Thread Battery Kit

LiTTY 510 Thread Battery Kit

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Introducing the LiTTY battery. LiTTY embraced the challenge of designing a small, yet powerful device that takes form and function to new heights. LiTTY battery showcases an impressive high-capacity performance that ensures long-lasting vaping sessions. Additionally, the device features a convenient pre-heat mode that allows for instantaneous CBD benefits by pre-heating the CBD before vaping. LiTTY battery is the perfect companion for those seeking a reliable and efficient vaping experience.

  • Features a protected, cartridge drop-in design
  • Fits 510 thread cartridges (cartridge not included)
  • Features cartridge swivel for proper mouthpiece alignment
  • Powered by a high-quality 650mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery core
  • 4-LEDs indicate battery life and power settings
  • Four (4) power/voltage settings (2.6V,3.0V, 3.4V and 3.8V)
  • USB-type C charging port + cable
  • Dimensions: 60 x 36 x 15 (mm)
  • Comes with three (3) 510 thread connective adapters. 
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